02 February 2011

Blizzaster 2011! The Branding of a Storm

Sitting in Chicago, watching the snow continue to fall, it's struck me that there's a hot competition underway to brand this storm.  Why?  It's a whopper, that's why!

Through midnight last night, records were being set for snowfall, including a one-day total of 13.6 inches at O'Hare (airport for anyone not familiar with Chicago... and yes, a few flights were cancelled).  The accumulation for the storm overall was approaching 2 feet as of 9:30 this morning, and it's still coming down.  That's right... It's still coming down!

Here are some of the branding options I've found:
With another 5 inches projected to fall today, truly polar temperatures, and more snow in the long-range forecast, the fun may just be getting underway... So, if you're stuck inside nearby or sitting someplace warmer and mocking us, the unfortunate souls of the Upper Midwest, share your thoughts on the branding options above or contribute a few of your own.  I'll be wondering how long my food provisions will hold out before I need to venture into the mounds of freezing white doom!

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