05 February 2011

Super Advertising Bowl Eve!

It's time.  It's the moment.  It's the culmination of a year's anticipation.  That's right.  It's Super Advertising Bowl Eve!

Football?  Oh, yeah, there's gonna be football.  There's been football for the last five months (regular & post-season only, folks... pre-season doesn't count).  And, here in the Land of Cheddarheads there is a lot of excitement building for the actual game to be played tomorrow.  The... The... What do they call it?  That's right! Super Bowl XLV.

For me, though, the game is mere filler between the real content of concern:  the ads.  Recall any of them from last year?  If not, try refreshing your memories with this past g-thought - "30 Days Later:  Remember the Super Bowl Ads?"

You can also build up your personal pre-game ad buzz by reviewing spots from 13 prior Super Bowls at superbowl-ads.com.  Who could forget the Budweiser frogs (1998) or e*trade's chimpanzees (2001)?

Regardless whether you're tuning in tomorrow for the game or the ads, enjoy it all...  I will.  I actually keep notes on every ad, though I only watch the game.  How else can I assess whether the spots deliver on the five critical tasks of advertising (engage the viewer, communicate the proposition, link it to the brand, in a memorable way, that is persuasive)?  I better sharpen a few extra pencils!

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