27 November 2010

I'm baaaack...

Hi Folks! Yes, it's been a while, and here's the scoop. As some or all of you may know, I work for a company that dealt with significant challenges during the spring and summer of 2010: bp. I'll be honest, blogging wasn't at the top of my priority list.

Our work at bp isn't done - not by a long shot - but the nature of it is changing, evolving. I think it's time I get my blog on (again).

If you're looking for any inside scoop on the happenings over the summer, don't look here. I don't think this is the proper forum for a blow-by-blow. If, however, you're curious about my perspective on working at the firm, why I remain so engaged with the company, the emotions associated with events of the past months, what it's meant to me personally, well then this is a dandy spot for that dialog.

And, rest assured, I will still find plenty of time for shiny objects, life's challenges (e.g. my war with small furry critters), and the craft of marketing. It's nice to be back, and I hope to delight!